Restaurant Menu


Asparagus (v) £8.95
Burrata cheese, grilled asparagus, almond flakes, green oil, extra virgin olive oil drizzled with special Italian balsamic vinegar

Scallop £10.5
Garlic, butter, lime, oregano and parsley, green oil, special foam sauce and truffles mushroom

King prawns £10.5
King prawns, mashed potato, special creamy sauce with mixed seasonal vegetables

Angry beans salad £8.95
green beans, mini mozzarella cheese, cherry tomato, chilli, pecan nuts, red wine and balsamic vinegar

Caesar salad (v) £10.5
Gem lettuce, pecan nuts, Italian balsamic, extra virgin olive oil, special chef sauce, parmigiano cheese and crouton bread

Caprese salad (v) £8.95
Cherry tomato, mozzarella cheese, organic fresh basil, extra virgin olive oil, black pepper, pine nuts and parmigiano

Fresh Oyster £1.9 each
live oyster served with a special sauce

marinated organic olives £4.95
mix of green and black olives marinated with thyme, vinegar and extra virgin olive oil

Main Courses

Fillet mignon steak (300g – 400g) £ 29
Asparagus, mashed potato, special chef wine sauce, king oyster mushrooms

Ribeye steak (300g- 400g) £ 25
mixed green beans, peppercorn sauce, baby carrot, oyster mushrooms,

Lamb chops £ 21.5
4 lamb chops, mashed potato, special wine sauce, baby carrot

Chicken steak £ 18.5
chicken breast, asparagus, oyster mushroom, baby carrot and black truffle mushroom

Cod fillet £ 22.5
Asparagus, lemon zest, thyme, garlic, black beans, special creamy sauce with truffles mushroom

Sea bass £ 22.5
mix beans, cherry tomato, Brussel, thyme, fresh garlic, special chef sauce

Truffle ravioli(v) £ 22
Fresh hand-made cheese ravioli, special creamy sauce, black truffle with parmigiano cheese

Lazy mussels spaghetti £ 19.5
Freshly made spaghetti, hand-made tomato sauce, basil, fresh garlic and lime

Arrabbiata Spaghetti (v) £ 14.5
Freshly made spaghetti, hand-made tomato sauce, green pepper, basil, parsley

Chicken pesto Fusilli £ 19.5
Freshly made pasta, hand-made pesto sauce, marinated chicken and parmigiano cheese

Chicken Burger £ 14.5
200 g marinated chicken, gherkins, tomato, cheddar cheese, lettuce with thick-cut chips and our signature sauce Burger £ 16.5
230 g marinated beef, gherkins, tomato, cheddar cheese, lettuce with thick-cut chips and our signature sauce

mussels mariniere £ 19.5
mushroom, special creamy sauce, black pepper, French mustard with sourdough bread

Allergy Statement
Menu items may contain or come into contact with wheat, eggs, nuts and milk. For more information please speak with a member of staff.

Please inform staff of any allergies before placing your order

v: Vegetarian 
vg: Vegan