Christmas Menu

3 Courses for £24.95


Asparagus (v)
Burrata cheese, grilled asparagus, almond flakes, green oil, extra virgin olive oil drizzled with special Italian balsamic vinegar

Angry beans salad
Green beans, mini mozzarella cheese, cherry tomato, chilli, pecan nuts, red wine, balsamic

Fresh Oysters
Live oyster served with a special sauce

Caesar salad (v)
Gem lettuce, pecan nuts, Italian balsamic, extra virgin olive oil, special chef sauce, parmigiano
cheese, crouton bread


Chicken steak
Chicken breast, asparagus, oyster mushroom, baby carrot, black truffle mushroom

Sea Bass
Mix beans, cherry tomato, brussel, thyme, fresh garlic, special chef sauce

All’arrabbiata Spaghetti (v)
Freshly made spaghetti, hand-made tomato sauce, green pepper, basil, parsley Burger
230 g marinated beef, gherkins, tomato, cheddar cheese, lettuce with thick-cut chips, signature

Mussels Mariniere
Mushroom, special creamy sauce, black pepper, French mustard, sourdough bread


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